Doctorate: The time afterwards and the career

You feel like you’ve done enough research and now you want to do something completely different? Then you can start your professional life well prepared after your doctorate. In certain industries, such as the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, a doctorate is obligatory for a career in any case. For a top position a doctorate seems to be very advantageous in all industries if you look at the executive floors of German companies. After all, someone who has a doctorate proves to the employer how resilient and efficient he is and is often preferred for promotions.

If you have already considered a professional career after your doctorate at an early stage, you can contact a company before the doctoral phase. Then you can align the dissertation with the interests of this company by choosing an application-related topic. This increases your chances of getting a job in this company after your promotion. However, some companies sometimes shy away from hiring highly qualified doctoral candidates because they are not prepared to pay them a correspondingly high salary.

But once you get a job, you usually don’t have to worry about your finances anymore. With an average starting salary of 65,000 euros gross per year, doctoral candidates are at the top of the salary hierarchy and earn up to 6,000 euros more than Master’s graduates. In the long run, a doctorate can therefore be financially worthwhile.

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